My Worst Best Friend – Dyan Sheldon’s story is in the dialogue

You may have heard of the book Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, on which a Hollywood film is based. But author Dyan Sheldon’s repetoire goes far beyond that successful YA novel (check her out at Recently, I just finished My Worst Best Friend. I have to say, the story is in the dialogue , which may be Sheldon’s specialty. She definitely “gets” what drives teenage girls and the fact that not all of them are only boy-crazy (most, but not all).

This is fun. It’s nothing too deep (and it’s not supposed to be, I think), but the dialogue is snappy. Also, the heroine’s love interest is unique compared with most of the hearthrobs that pervade teen fiction. I found myself getting a little aggravated with the heroine at times, but I think maybe this is because I saw a little of myself in her. And that made the ending all the more satisfying.

What say you, Sheldon fans?


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