Revenant – A new, old ghost story by Sonia Gensler woven with history, romance

Okay, here’s a shout out to a fellow OKC YA novelist. Sonia Gensler’s Revenant is definitely worth a read! I’d say adolescent and teen girls (or any history buff) will get the most out of this book. The story has a nice mix of supernatural elements, American history, and romance. It’s not the scariest ghost story I’ve ever read, but it will definitely have the reader on edge. The romance is woven throughout the story, and it’s not as racy or vulgar as some of the stuff you’ll read in YA novels these days. I wasn’t quite sure what “Revenant” meant without looking it up, and I’m a little concerned some teens won’t be sucked in by the title or the cover (which doesn’t quite do the book justice), but this novel is certainly worth recommending. My husband is Cherokee Indian (which means my kids are too), so this book also held some interest for me in that department.

I think the book’s promotional trailer is catchy too. You can check the video, the book, and the author out on and let me know what you think!


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