Another Faust is another kind of YA novel

As I was finishing up Another Faust by brother and sister team, Daniel and Dina Nayeri, I was struck that I probably should have spent more time familiarizing myself with the Faust legend before consuming this novel. Sure, I knew the guy had sold his soul to the devil for worldly pleasures/knowledge, but now that I’ve taken time to look into the story again, I’m amazed at the shear number of works based on the tale. The Nayeris have now added another, a story about teenagers who have sold their souls in exchange for specific gifts. The rest is, well, slightly unnerving and ultimately intriguing.

The novel is the opposite of upbeat, and yet, one point made by the authors was something that stuck with me–the fact that in order to sell your soul to the devil, you have to do it everyday. You can back out. This for some reason, was strangely refreshing and perhaps an important message woven in a tale that might just give a reader the creeps. In our society where people like to explain why they’re victims, this book seems to say, “You make your own choices.”

So check out the authors and books here. There are additional books in the Another Series, which are, according to the authors’ websites, “classic works re-imagined at the elite Marlowe School, where characters of the past take on new life, in a modern New York.”


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