A quarter-century of intrigue drives Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus

I’m not sure how The Night Circus, made it onto my list of YA reading. It is not classified as a YA novel, and yet, I didn’t know this until I had the story well underway. That being said, I wanted to feature it here because I put the time into reading it, enjoyed most of it, and was curious what others thought.

The new, highly acclaimed novel from Erin Morgenstern (check her out) spans more than a quarter century. Without giving much away, I will say that this tale of two star-crossed magicians really gets moving in the second half of the novel. There is a great deal of description, but since the author is detailing something (an extravagant night circus) that many of us have never (and will never) see, I can understand why it was sketched so extensively. There are several stories woven into the fabric of this narrative, but don’t read this like your run-of-the-mill novel. The Night Circus forces you to expand your idea of how a novel should be organized, so jump in with an open mind!

It’s actually very tastefully written, with little foul language and a very tame sex scene. In fact, I’m thinking it’s time for a post on certain levels of vulgarity in YA novels. In the meantime, if you’re interested in the subject, check out this post by Kidlit.com and the follow up here. I always look forward to getting opinions on controversial topics!

And thinking about the circus did make me feel like a kid again…


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