Carrie Jones, will you be my best friend? Author of Need Series captivates with humor.

I’m a sucker for humor. But I’ll admit, I wasn’t prepared for the tongue-in-cheek writing that greeted me in Need, Carrie Jones first novel of the same-named series. By the second book, I was a total fan, and now on book three, I’m craving it. I need more Carrie Jones.

Before I continue with this author-on-author worship, let me explain that I’ve been reading my share of the lastest and greatest YA novels, and some are terrific, but generally, quite serious. For instance, Divergent, The Book Thief, Matched, Delirium, Before I Fall, Lament, and Starcrossed are just a few recent reads. This is good stuff, but sheesh, the drama is taking it’s toll.

And then I open Need and am treated to an exciting story, but one that has no problem making fun of itself. I thought I couldn’t handle any more vampire-type novels for a while, but Jone’s take on the whole pixie situation is hilarious. Oh, and werewolves. Where would we be without those? Not nearly as entertained, that’s for sure.

So Carrie Jones, you’ve won me over. I love the fact that I can read something exciting and romantic and still laugh every other page (or every page). Sometimes we just need to take things a little less seriously, you know?

Check out her website–it’s funny too!


Why I love YA

I was chatting with a friend who wondered how I didn’t go crazy reading so many YA books (it’s the genre I write, so I consume it regularly, despite my non-teen age!). I said that yes, maybe the whole first kiss thing was getting a little old.

And then I wondered…is it?

I’ll tell you why I’m in love with first kisses and with YA novels in general. Today I celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. We’ve moved four times across country, traveled around the world, achieved our dream jobs, and now have two beautiful children. I’ve run a marathon, sang the national anthem at a major league baseball game, and presented at a U.N. conference in Warsaw. And the thing is, when I got married at the age of 21, I had my share of naysayers.  My marriage, and my dreams, weren’t expected to get too far.

It hasn’t always been easy, but my husband is my first and only love. I dated a few guys before him, but shy girl that I was, the kiss on my first date with my husband (I was nineteen!) was my first real kiss. It was that night that I knew I had met the man I would marry.

And I guess, long story short, is that this is the reason I love YA novels. Because in teen fiction, we can believe the first guy is the guy. The first kiss will rock your world. And you would go to the ends of the Earth to find and protect this person, giving up your own life if you had too.

hat premise, which runs so frequently through YA books, is true for me. That’s why I love’em!