Rise of the demi-god

Okay, so I just read Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini. I was intrigued by the story of demi-gods, and while I felt that the story jumped around a bit, I do find the subject matter tantilizing. Angelini isn’t the first to weave a narrative around the mythic Greek heros (see the Heroes of Olympus series), and I’m wondering, like the dystopian future, if this subject matter will spawn any Hollywood films (I think there was one a year or two back, but I can’t recall it’s name). Maybe the movie industry is waiting for the perfect story. Like a certain wizard and pack of vampires, it seems that it’s the characters, not so much the subject matter, that truly captures an audiences’ hearts. I’m convinced that the best way to write something that gains a huge following is not to try to guess what the next hot trend will be, but to create a story where readers will care so much about the story, that the book–and it’s sequels–will be possible to put down. And that is a recipe that is very, very difficult to perfect!


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